Who Is This Guy?

Thanks for wondering.
Jim Murray and live in southern Florida, where I share my own “personal-branding” techniques and “down-to-earth” marketing-strategies with clients. I service socially-responsible professionals and work with the green-tech, earth-friendly, and wellness communities.

In closed-door workshops at my office in NYC, I show clients simple systems for influencing, branding, and marketing.

For seven years, I served on the board of directors for Friends of the Earth – an international environmental organization with affiliated offices in 28 countries.
And, I have served on the faculties of Ohio University,
The University of Alaska Southeast, and
Northern Michigan University.

Over the years, I have consulted on projects for
The Consumer Federation of America, the U.S. Coast Guard
The Federal Trade Commission Office of Consumer Protection
The Office of the United States Congress
Procter & Gamble Research Laboratories
Ferrari North America, plus many small businesses
and non-profit organizations.

Maybe I can help you untangle your branding problems,
replace “marketing confusion” with clarity, and share with you some simple strategies for influencing with integrity. Perhaps I can help you feel more confident about your own success!

Is that such a bad idea? Why not CONTACT ME me and we can talk?