► "Build More Consistent - More Reliable - Profits?". . .

Visionary Entrepreneurs
<center><big><strong>Discover How to Shape Simple, Clear Messages <br> into Strong, Bold Brands.</big></strong></center>
Discover How to Shape Simple, Clear Messages
into Strong, Bold Brands.

►. . .YES. (With More  Compelling Marketing.)

For Social Entrepreneurs in the Alternative Health & Wellness, Green-Tech, and
Earth-Friendly Professions. . .


. . . Who are almost  (but not quite) satisfied with their success and who are a little disappointed with the tepid results of their current marketing . . .



Rethink your business, "reframe"  the value you offer, and then design simple, engaging messages?
Might you — systematically — double or even triple your profits? Yes. (And once you know how, you will believe it.)

Best of all, in the process, you will help
"Make the World Better. . .   for Others."

Look. Here's the thing. . .

"There is really just one thing that's preventing people
from doing business with you. . ."

Do You Know What It Is?
(How much is it costing you not to know?)

Marketing and Branding Workshops at the Empire State Building

"In almost all of today's marketing, there is
one single bedazzling intoxicant that's missing. . ."

Do You Know What It Is?
Need a hint? Watch this 2-minute Video. . .

"And, to make people irrationally crave your product or service,
there is really just one thing that you must convince them of. . ."

Do You Know What It Is?
(Come. Discover It. In My Workshop.)

Create a 6-word Tagline Workshops.
Branding and Marketing Workshop

1930-1931.  The Empire State Building
Completed in 410 days.

► Come, Step above the Clouds
Discover the Power of
Compassionate Marketing.

All NYC Workshops
and One-on-One Coaching Sessions
Are Held Behind Closed Doors
on the 59th Floor of
The Empire State Building.

Discover how to write engaging 6-word taglines.
Social Entrepreneurs -- Untangle Your Marketing

Discover: Simple Marketing. Engaging Branding. Prosperity.

Read What Clients Have to Say:

► "Jim Murray must have invented social entrepreneurism. His insights are boundless. He has a grasp of an organization's goals, objectives and needs.


"Good ideas flow from him like a fountain. He exudes a humble, yet matter of fact, confidence based on a foundation of good sense, practicality, and experience.


"It is as if he knows your job better than you and has been doing your job successfully for decades."

                           Tom O'Grady
Executive Director
Southeast Ohio History Center

► "Jim Murray is a masterful marketing mind!


"We have implemented many of his suggestions and hope to continue to work with him in the future."

Susan Urano
Executive Director
The Athens Foundation



► "Participating in Jim Murray's all-day marketing seminar both empowered and inspired me.


"I was locked into my own limiting and intimidating ideas about marketing and the approach to marketing Jim introduced was unconventional and refreshing.


"I found the ideas liberating and useful and hadn't realized how tied up in knots I was about marketing. I now feel much more confident and focused."


Alicia Bustamante, Director
Yoga Studio 6 LIC
Long Island City, NY

► "Replace Confusion with Clarity and Confidence."

Branding workshops for green businesses

► Compassionate Marketing Tip #17:
If you are delivering value, you are in the business of transformation.
Ask yourself: "How will my client change because of me?"
Even better, ask: "Who would I like for my client to become?"

► Especially when we are engaged in
Business-to-Business marketing — perhaps selling an industrial or high-tech product...

It's easy to assume that corporate or institutional buying decisions are made rationally, not emotionally. 

It's easy to overlook the fact that you're not selling to a monolithic corporate structure but to a real person who has certain fears and uncertainties and worries about their future or their reputation for doing business with you.

Whether your client is a government purchasing agent, a medical lab technician, a systems engineer, a truck dispatcher, a major contractor, or a Fortune 500 Vice President...

Each one is a human being who — in their corporate career — has feelings, worries, problems, hopes, and dreams.

So, what if you set out to help transform this individual so that they could become... a more confident purchasing agent? A more self-assured and technically-savvy corporate exec?  Or a more articulate champion of  "green technology" within the corporate culture?


What Can You Do to Help Them Change?

How can you enrich their life and make their job easier? How can you make them feel like a hero within their organization? And how can you earn their trust, make them feel smart, confident, and  important — and maybe even proud about themselves — for choosing to do business with YOU?

<center><strong> "Please, help  me feel important."</strong></center>

"Can you make me less scared?
Will you help me feel more strong
and important?"

Environmental Marketing

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

- Rudyard Kipling

"Change Your Words. Change the World."

Discover How to Magnify Your Impact,
Clearly Articulate the Value You Offer,
Build Your Marketing Confidence, and Prosper.
(Let EmersonThoreau Blaze You a Trail.)

Thoreau quotation

► “Just remember, marketing is not something you do to people, it's something you do for them. You're really in the business of dream-fulfillment. So aren't you doing someone

a noble service by romancing them and showing them you have exactly what they need to seize their goal and transform themselves into the person they hope to become?” - JM

► Hey, thanks for reading, but more importantly,
thanks for being one of the exceptional "good guys"
and for living more-closely to your dreams
(and your full greatness.)

Jim Murray


P. S.  If you are a wellness or green professional and you want to build more consistent and reliable profits
-- or you're just not yet quite where you want to be --
maybe you should contact me.

Why? Because. . .

There is no need for you to continue feeling frustrated or overwhelmed and not-quite-satisfied with your profits. I can share with you a simple framework and some pretty astonishing strategies for extraordinary success. 

(Isn't that what you really want?)

"Do Better Good with Better Marketing."

"Our dignity as humans gives us responsibility to others."

- E. F. Schumacher

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