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Jim Murray was responsible for the development of the first ever WellWorks video. He had a keen interest and understanding of what it should include so it could be used for multi-purposes. (i.e. staff training, member recruitment)

“Jim put many many hours into the production so that it would turn out just right. In addition to its making Jim also followed up with us to help us market the video outside of the university.

“Jim has included WellWorks on The Athens Morning Fax for the past several years. He has been responsible for design and publishing of over 200 wellness tips related to the ad. For the many customers who receive The Athens Morning Fax they are exposed to our name and a positive tip of the day!

“It has been a pleasure to work with Jim. He is extremely creative, enthusiastic, and skilled at marketing and promoting.”

Kim Valentour, Director
Ohio University’s Wellness Programs


“Jim Murray did an excellent presentation to my class of seniors in ways they might consider marketing themselves after graduation. He presented many creative ideas in an organized and entertaining way which proved to be extremely effective. Students were stimulated and excited about new possibilities for their future.

“I highly recommend Mr. Murray for his witty commentary and very concrete suggestions.”

Gladys Bailin Stern
Professor Emeritus of Dance
Ohio University

“As a small business owner, the marketing class offered by Jim Murray has been an invaluable asset to me in increasing my business and maintaining a satisfied clientele.”

Jade Mu
Former Owner
Lui Lui Restaurants, Inc.
Athens, Ohio

“Thanks to Jim Murray’s insight and wisdom, the knowledge I gained from his seminar has allowed me to shift from equipment repair to video production and business has never been better.

“His ideas on promoting various aspects of the business have been most helpful.”

Daniel Wallace, President
Audio Visual Techniques, Inc.
Athens, Ohio

“Jim Murray is an amazing resource. He has a creative mind which allows new thoughts and ideas to be considered.

“Fresh thinking, new and different ways to approach workable ideas is his valuable contribution. An excellent person to include on a team.”

Carol Lambert
Athens Historical Society and Museum

“If you’ve read the other testimonials and evaluations by now, you should know that Jim Murray has amassed a long list of very satisfied customers, as he never fails to promise a lot, and deliver more than he promised.

“I have nothing but praise for the classes and workshops I’ve taken from Jim, but would like to specifically mention two reasons why I’d encourage anyone with the opportunity to take a class from Jim:

1) His quick and creative mind: Jim astounds me with his amazing ability to answer students’ questions or requests for ideas – instantly offering not just one suggestion, but two or three—and usually NONE of them are things you had considered. Pick any product — “day-old bread,” for example, and within 5 minutes Jim will rattle off so many potential markets that you’ll be convinced there isn’t enough day-old bread in the state to meet all the demand. Jim’s mind is quite simply a rapid-fire machine of information.

2) His ability to motivate: You do not leave Jim’s class thinking, “that was very interesting. I really learned a lot.” You walk out of his programs not only knowing HOW to attain your goal, but more importantly, BELIEVING YOU CAN DO SO.

“I think Jim considers “information” to be the primary product he markets, but to me, the added value he provides, the unadvertised self-confidence he instills in his students, is worth every dollar of the program fee.

“Jim Murray is a uniquely-talented individual. His courses are far superior to 99% of those offered by his competitors.

“After completing an entrepreneurial course from him, I was able to market a collection of items donated from the trash of local carry-outs, and make a quick $2000”

Steve Orth
Riggerson’s Collectibles
Athens, Ohio

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